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Once her friends and family are done admiring the ring, the first question they will ask is, “So how did he propose?!?” This is the story she will tell over and over for years to come, so give her an amazing story to tell.

Proposals can be elaborate and public, simple and intimate, and everything in between. Every couple is different, and there is no “one-size- fits-all” proposal. Some women love being the center of attention and want something over-the-top. Some would prefer a quieter moment, maybe with just the two of you in a private setting. With a network of restaurants, hotels, and extensive travel knowledge, there are endless possibilities for making your moment memorable.

Surprise wedding proposal
A dinner proposal

We build relationships with all of clients, learning about their future bride and helping craft just the right plan for the proposal. From special tasting menus at high end restaurants to weekend getaways to surprise parties, we will plan every detail for you. Together we will create a game plan for your big moment.

Once the big day arrives, you won’t have to worry about a thing. All reservations, requests, and special details will already be arranged and verified by our team. You will have a confirmation email from us detailing all of the specifics along with an emergency contact number.

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Having the proposal completely planned and arranged for you allows you to focus on enjoying the moment and taking the next steps in your future together. The team at Before You Ask will make sure your new fiancé can’t wait to tell everyone how perfect the moment was.

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The team at Before You Ask is ready to help you with all of your proposal needs. From ring shopping to event planning, our experts can help you plan the perfect proposal. Contact us today to find out how we can help you start the next phase of your life.

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